About Us

It is an electronic contract manufacturing company specialized in the production of DC generators for original manufacturers. We have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and improving parts suited for a wide range of machines.

Weare a technological company with specialisations in production and installation of Biometric attendance systems
Our company has received numerous awards in recognition of its excellence. This includes an award of merit from the mega manufacturing giant, Intel.

Our head office is just metres away from one of the busiest stadiums in England, Stamford Bridge.
However, we also have twenty two branches around the world. These are spread across the various continents in the world. However, all coordination directives are still issued from the London head office.

We have an up to date website that provides accurate and timely information about our office, operations, and products.
We also have a smaller by equally adequate blog that performs much the same function.

You can contact us for your hardware or consultancy needs. We have a strong social media presence spread across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can contact any of our toll free landlines.